w Howard White


Howard has been playing and performing music his entire adult life.  He is a multi-instrumetalist, currently performing on a fretless 5-string bass, with a focus on all styles of jazz and improvisational music.  He is a film composer; writing and producing original music scores for both documentary and experimental films.  He is the owner of OmniMedia, an interactive design and production company and has an academic appointment at the University of Michigan Stamps School of Art & Design.  Howard composed the music for a documentary celebrating 100 years of music at Hill Auditorium.  Click here to read an interview with Howard and to listen to some of the music.

Howard and Hal have been playing music together for a long, long time.  They are survivors of two of Ann Arbor’s most popular late night party bands from the 70’s. Now performing duets, sometimes as the QBtrio with George Eberhardt on drums, and sometimes with HiDef.

HiDef launched in 2005.  We produced two CD’s and have enjoyed playing at some of Ann Arbor’s finest venues, including Top of the Park, Ann Arbor Summer Festival, the Firefly Club, Goodnight Gracie’s, Sonic Lunch, The Quarter Bistro, and the Michigan Theater.   We have some really cool fans.

HiDef in OmniMedia studios after recording "Josie"
HiDef in OmniMedia studios after recording “Josie”

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